Workshop Videos & Audios

The Academy of Professional Hypnosis is proud to offer these Remarkable Workshops to you in Recorded form to study and enjoy at your own pace.

Relationships & Your Inner Lover

Presented by Anthony F. DeMarco, LL.B, Ph.D.

(A 4 hour Workshop for Everyone)
Half-day workshop DVD: $49.00
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This is a romance and sexuality workshop offering insight into past and present relationships. Our reality is created through our fictions. The truths of our experiences lose their significance as they surrender to feelings, emotions, and external influences, coupled with passage of time, trauma, or passion. This video will enable you to pierce any existing fiction in order to answer lingering romantic, relationships, or sexual question, whether past or present. Included are printed tests to ascertain your sensuality and partner love, plus 4 scripts for inner Lover dialogue.

Slaying The Dragon Of Addiction

Presented by Anthony F. De Marco, LL.B, Ph.D.

For Counselors & Therapists
Full-day workshop
7 DVD s + Practice Manual $499.00
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The Hypnoaddictionology Program permits you to gain an understanding of addictions, addicts, and their behavior.  This is unlike any other addictions program. Gain the tools to create the recovery session plan which utilizes addiction understanding, suggestions, clinical interaction, triggers, Parts Communication, Brick Wall Technique, Time Line Repair, Relapse Prevention, Future Seeing, and Goal Setting…This program includes a 7-DVD set and 118-page Practice Manual.

Past Life Regression Workshop

Past Life_hr
Presented by Anthony F. DeMarco, LL.B, Ph.D.

Running Time: 5 hours
(A Workshop for Everyone)
Complete Workshop DVD + Workbook $149.00
Order By Phone: 1-908-964-4467

In this workshop you will gain exceptional insights of belief systems to set the parameters for successful sessions. Listen to a sample past life journey with its positive learning experience which will enable you to immediately grasp the rewarding nature of past life regression. Learn about Journal Pages and Code Names. Identify mistakes of regressionists and goals to be achieved for a highly successful session. Participate in a group past life journey merely by closing your eyes, listening and getting in touch with your emotions as though you were in the workshop. Share the feelings and reactions of the “clients” and remarks of the “therapists” after the group one-on-one practice session. Listen to the questions of the attendees and the answers of the instructor. Witness a powerfully emotional, spontaneous one-on-one class demonstration conducted by Dr. DeMarco utilizing his special, advanced “blockbuster” problem solving method. See Dr. DeMarco’s reaction to the tears and emotions of the client. (Which tears he wholeheartedly desires and welcomes to accomplish a “catharsis.”) Participate in a second group past life experience utilizing the script, “The Tree of Life and Colors of Enlightenment.” Become spellbound while listening to Dr. DeMarco’s rendition of a classic tale of Twin Flame Soul mates, Karma and Love…

Time Line Repair Workshop

3 hour DVD  $75
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Desensitization is what our hypnosis sessions thrive on. So many clients have been knocked from ‘pillar to post’ and try as they may to forget some horrible incidents or least process them properly, they cannot do it.  We can repair the past by preserving the ‘happening’ as a learning experience in a place where it can no longer wreak havoc with our conscious and subconscious actions, while eliminating all of the negative emotions that were connected to these happenings.  In a matter of moments the past is cleared and is not longer bleak, in fact, it brightens as well as the present and future.