Video Testimonials
Crystal Jamie comments on The Academy of Professional Hypnosis:

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Written Testimonials
“After many years of fascination about hypnosis, I had the opportunity to complete the entire course of hypnotherapy presented by the Academy of Professional Hypnosis in 1993. This was truly a life changing experience for me and one I will always cherish. All the material and exercises presented were amazing. The instructors were very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Dr. Anthony De Marco was one of those memorable teachers, and continues to astound everyone when presenting at seminars and workshops, His presentations are always on the cutting edge of hypnosis, and he keeps you riveted at the edge of your seat during his presentations. Needless to say, he is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard and is a giant in this field of hypnosis.”
– Patrick J. Conte, MD, PhD

“After a bit of research, I enrolled at the Academy of Professional Hypnosis in 2004. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Anthony De Marco is a very knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate trainer with many years of experience in the field. With his guidance, I gained the expertise necessary to establish a practice in Toms River. To date, I’ve worked with over 800 clients on a whole range of issues. What an amazing feeling to play a part in empowering people to reach their goals! When I encountered challenging situations – or just needed some reassurance – I was always able to count on Dr. De Marco for support. (And, to this day, he is still accessible.) It’s been an incredible journey – and it never would have begun had I not enrolled at the Academy.”
– Rhoda Kopy, CH

“I graduated from the Academy in 2011. Within a few months I had my first paying client as a professional hypnotist. My business is steadily growing, in no small part due to the training and support I received and am still receiving from the Academy. Tony De Marco as a teacher had a true knack for knowing how to present the material in a way that was not only easy to understand, but the real-world context in which he did it made it stick effortlessly. His vast experience as a hypnotist was always the backdrop to the curriculum, and his insights were as important a part of learning how to hypnotize as the various techniques and applications were. His enthusiasm for his field was truly infectious – nobody was watching the clock when Tony was teaching! Since graduating, Tony has been an invaluable mentor as I started up my business.”
–  Lisa W.

“This has been a wonderful learning experience.  I could not have asked for two more enlightened teachers.  The information you convey and the techniques that you teach are sure to make the student a capable HypnoCounselor.  Your passion for your craft and your desire to help people is so clear.  It is clear to me that this is not a job but a calling.”
– Karen Tormey-Letteri 

“Thank you both.  What a joy to be here and to experience and gain from you wealth of knowledge!  I cannot wait for your upcoming specialized workshops.  Much appreciation!!  Also thank you for your kind support….it is deeply felt.”
– Gayle P. Ohnmacht

“Dr. De Marco did a wonderful job and have proven to be very generous, giving and gracious.  I look forward to sharing the knowledge he bestowed for years to come with others.”
– Robert Manni

“Dr. De Marco was very thorough in his teaching and their answers to our questions.  This has really helped me on a personal level as well prepared me for my part time practice.”
– Tama De Boer

“Thank you for changing my life!  This course has been a positive life altering experience.  I will conduct myself in my hypnosis practice always to make both proud.  Afterall, I have learned from the best!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just keep sharing all your good work.”
– Barbara A. Hedstrom

“Great class. Great experience hypnotizing others and being hypnotized.  The greatest selling point I can use is how great it feels to be hypnotized.  The results are many.  Some are subtle; some are pronounced.  Life is truly different and better now.”
– Corene M. Noack

“The course curriculum is full of knowledge that would take many years and lots of hit or miss seminars to attain elsewhere.  The instructors are patient, yet firm, and truly want each student to learn and grow.  This is a hands-on course and students can’t help but learn hypnosis properly and be fully prepared to use hypnosis to help themselves and others.”
– Joe Peoples 

“This is hope; a realistic alternative for life enhancement; an open minded approach to the complexity of modern life; a wonderful way to help one to cope, to learn and to self-improve our lives.  Thank you for this knowledgeable teaching.  God bless you and protect you always.  You have planted the seed of enlightenment in our lives.”
– Adrianna Pinero