Statement of Institutional Purpose and Philosophy:

The Academy of Professional Hypnosis is dedicated to the study and investigation of problems and issues in the field of hypnosis. We maintain as our primary purpose the training of people as professional HypnoCounselors. We recognize a dependence on a “higher power” and an interdependence with and a responsibility to humankind by affording persons the opportunity of gaining greater understanding of self, self-fulfillment, relief from problems, and the attainment of personal development. To achieve this end the Academy of Professional Hypnosis recognizes the need to train professionals and to offer scholastically oriented programs.

The Academy has, therefore, defined the following as the purposes of the institution:

To create a climate for discussion of significant issues and analysis of critical problems.

To provide independent inquiry into new and exciting areas of knowledge of hypnosis.

To develop an awareness of the diversity of attitudes, beliefs, and value systems.

To assist people in leading more productive and satisfactory lives through training in the techniques of self-hypnosis.

To provide the students with the acquisition of and the ability to demonstrate the breadth and depth of knowledge, continued thinking, and clarity of self-expression through the use of relevant and useful materials.

To promote an attitude of dedication the  study and research of problems and issues in the area of mind/body phenomena.

To provide advanced programs designed to challenge and engage profession adults who seek the acquisition of further knowledge in the field of hypnosis.

To promote academic freedom in the pursuit of knowledge in the field of hypnosis.

To provide advanced hypnosis and advanced clinical hypnosis level programs for all who qualify regardless of age, sex, religion, or ethnic origin.


Our courses are prepared for those persons new to the field of hypnocounseling and for those who desire to enhance and increase their skills. They are designed for persons who desire to enter the career of hypnocounseling, those interested in self-improvement, and those in the health and helping professions.

Entrance Requirements:

High school graduates 18 years and older may enroll. A student must have completed a basic course prior to admission to the advanced level and a basic and advanced course prior to admission to the advanced clinical level.