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Feb. 22, 2020

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The Academy of Professional Hypnosis was the first school of hypnosis to be approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Education. Since 1991 this Academy has utilized this approval to teach its students hypnosis for full or part time careers or as an adjunct to a present occupation. It has taken this opportunity to evaluate the effects on its students in order to adapt and evaluate its curricula to their needs. We have discovered that regardless of the reason for enrollment in our courses, the students, themselves, immediately underwent a transformation so that not only did they become proficient in assisting with changes and the motivation of others with the use of hypnosis, but surprisingly (to them) immeasurably helping themselves through self-discovery resulting from the study of hypnosis. Play the short video below to learn more…


Become A Certified HYPNOCOUNSELOR. Certified Instructors are approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Upon graduation automatically become a member of the largest Hypnosis Organization in the World.

Full or Part-time Profession. Work With Real Cases – Hypnotize Students After First Day.

Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Stress Alleviation, Relationship Issues, Change Behaviors and much, much more.

Money Back Guarantee

If after the first morning you are not completely satisfied, all monies will be returned immediately.  Become a HYPNOTIST to offer highly beneficial services complementary to the medical profession.  Become a respected professional in a truly rewarding profession.  Hypnotism is now ‘mainstream’. Act Now.

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Solve kids’ problems now, ages 5-11 and 12-27: Anger Management, Bed Wetting No More, Motivation & Success, Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem Boys, Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem Girls, Shyness Overcome, Sleep Peacefully, Study Skills & Test Taking, Weight Management, and The Lonny Lemonhead Recipe Book.

NJ Post-Secondary Vocational School Approval

“This course made me aware of the immense power a person carries around with them always 24/7. It made me recognize an entirely different dimension of interpreting life. Anthony DeMarco and his colleagues took us on a unique journey, [and] instilled power of positive thinking. The passion with which Dr. DeMarco explains every technique is amazing. He is very professional and he is one of the best teachers who could possibly teach you on a subject like this. He is always encouraging and compassionate. He has the wisdom to be accurate and pick up on the areas where you might need help—whether it be writing your scripts, presenting them, or when you are actually practicing hypnosis. He is very thorough with the course. We went through the [hypnosis] laws, history and different techniques. The environment is extremely positive—the best setting to promote self-growth and learning. I’m extremely positive that whatever I learned here will help me not only professionally but also personally.”

“This course was a remarkable experience. Between Dr. DeMarco’s vast knowledge of hypnosis, the different instructors he provided to broaden our experience of different techniques and the fantastic practice sessions, I feel totally prepared to begin my practice. The course also has deep application for my personal life. I feel I have deepened my understanding of myself as well. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a serious and rigorous course of study.”

“The most important, and valuable, aspect of this course is the hands on experience. We (the students) had many opportunities to be both hypnotist and client and understanding what the work feels like from both ends is a must. We learn more this way than through any book or lecture, and the safe place that Tony has created to learn and practice has been invaluable. I feel more than confident in my ability to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in this class to everyday and professional situations.”